Executive Team

The UVic Ballroom, Latin, and Swing Club is run by a group of volunteer students. They hire professional instructors to teach classes, they plan events and workshops. If you are interested in joining the executive and helping run the club, please talk to one of the executives or email us at ballroom@uvicdance.com!

Co - Presidents - Taya Magliocco (they/them) & Gavin Deane (he/him)

Hi everyone! I'm Taya and I am so excited to be one of your presidents this year. I'm a third year History student and a lifelong dancer who fell head over heels for salsa when I joined the club in my first year. Since then I've had the opportunity to travel to and perform in so many amazing places, as well as learn from some truly inspirational people. This club is an integral part of a very welcoming dance community and I have found some of my best friends as a result of joining. I encourage you to come and check out our classes, regardless of skill, as everyone is welcome here! You might just find your new favourite form of self-expression in the process.

I come from a background of musical theatre, drama, and singing. I joined the club in my first year of UVic hoping to try something fun, social, and physical. I had no experience social dancing when I started, but quickly found myself having tons of fun making new friends and learning to dance with so many wonderful people. Since then, I have found myself going to dance events outside the club, taking more dance classes, and even doing a dance competition with my now co-president Taya. It has been a blast learning to dance and it's an amazing way to make new friends. I look forwards to spending time with all the old and new people that come to the club this year.

10/10 would recommend.

Vice President - Silvan Wood (they/them)

I grew up playing music and performing in musical theatre all through high school. Before I got into dance I could often be found practicing the trombone, singing along to my favorite tunes, or spinning and flailing wildly to my favorite music. My history with playing trombone in concert and jazz band led to an interest in learning swing dancing, and when I got to UVic I looked for dance classes at clubs days. As fun as swing was, I found myself entirely captivated by salsa, and before I knew it, I was coming exclusively to the UVic Salsa Performance Team! I have now found my passion and community in dance and I am on salsa teams that give me the opportunity to dance several hours every day, as well as travel around the world to perform. Even if you don't have a musical background, this club is absolutely worth joining! I hope to see you on the dance floor!

Grand Member at Large - Aria Raszka (she/her)

Hi :) I'm Aria and I'm in my third year studying neuroscience. I'm super excited to join the exec team this semester! I've always loved music, I played the flute in various band and orchestra settings throughout highschool but once I discovered this club during my second year at UVic, my passion for music transitioned from playing it, to dancing to it. When I first joined the UVBLSC, I had almost no dance experience. Despite fully believing I had two left feet, I immediately fell in love with swing dancing (and was proved wrong). After a semester of taking swing, I finally had the courage to try out the latin classes and now I'm taking pretty much every possible opportunity to dance! Even if you think you don't like dancing or that you wouldn't be good at it, I'd encourage you to give the UVBLSC a try, you might be surprised!

Secretary - Alex Thornewell

Hi everyone, I’m Alex, a third year Electrical Engineering student. This is my second semester with the club and my first on the executive team. I only had marginal dance experience before joining the club although lots of experience in sports. With dance, I have improved my physical coordination and confidence. I felt safe and welcomed by the club and the executive team when I first started dancing. On my first day of free classes with the club when everything was online I loved it so much that I immediately bought the membership.

Social Media Manager - Joe Spry (he/him)

Hi all! I'm Joe and I have been with this club since my very first year at UVic. Not only did I have incredibly minimal dance experience when I joined, but I had also been told for years that I was not a good dancer-- I would always get cut from dance numbers when I did musical theatre all throughout high school. After joining, I soon found myself taking every single class and style that the club offered, and it wasn't long until I was taking dance classes outside of UVic as well. If you ever think that you won't thrive in this club because you haven't danced before, I am living proof that you can and, if you give it an honest try, you will! I can't wait to see both old and new faces out on the dancefloor this year, and I will be saving you all a dance.

Grand Member at Large - Katrina Kurylowich (she/they)

Hi, y'all! I'm Katrina, and I'm a Grand Member at Large with the club. I danced when I was young and did musical theater through high school, but only got the chance to try social dancing when I joined the club in my first year at UVic. Being in the club has allowed me to meet so many fantastic people and learn some really cool styles of dance. I would highly recommend joining; it's a really supportive community, and learning will come so much quicker than you could imagine!

Photography - vacant

Email ballroom@uvicdance.com if you are interested in this position.