The UVic Ballroom, Latin, and Swing Club is run by a group of volunteer students. They hire professional instructors to teach classes, they plan events and workshops. If you are interested in joining the executive and helping run the club, please talk to one of the executives or email us at ballroom@uvicdance.com!

President - Will Beckett

I am a 3rd year Computer Science and Math student, and have been with the club since I got to UVic. Dance has been a lot of fun and a great way to meet people. I started with ballroom in high school, but have branched out into Swing and Salsa thanks to the club.

Vice President - Chris Friedrich

I am in my fourth year studying Astronomy at UVic and already have a bachelors in English Lit. I joined the club last year and have enjoyed learning how to dance.

Treasurer - Giuseppe Travaglini

I joined the club Fall 2018 and I wanted to finally learn how to dance salsa. Learning was really fun specially while hearing the music I like. I am currently in my second year of Civil Engineering at Uvic.

Equipment Manager - Jo Spry

I'm currently in my second year in the combined program for music and computer science, along with my second year in the ballroom club. Despite having zero dance experience going into the club last year, I still found it fun to participate in not only all of the lessons, but also all of the different social dancing events!